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The Integrated Mass Spectrometry Unit (IMSU) was established at the Grand Rapids Research Center to serve the West Michigan research community and beyond. The facility was finalized with the installation of state-of-the-art mass spectrometers in February 2018 and immediately started a development phase to demonstrate our proteomics capabilities and expertise, establishing the IMSU as a formal, fee-for-service facility in September 2018.

Since the establishment of this facility, the IMSU carried out innumerable proteomics analyses, including protein identification, identification of posttranslational modification sites, global quantitative proteomics, targeted quantitative proteomics, support for drug pharmacokinetics studies, and other approaches. The IMSU has contributed to 28 grant applications of which 7 have been awarded and 3 are currently pending. The facility also contributed to 4 published research articles and 1 US patent (US Application No. 62/874544).

Dr. Irving E. Vega serves as the IMSU director, in charge of operations, project management, and scientific consultation. Day-to-day operations at the IMSU are handled by Dr. Jared Lamp, with technical support provided by Mr. Andrew Umstead. Our operations fuse sample processing with method development. We focus on timely sample analysis, ensuring that your research isn’t hindered by lengthy turnover. At the same time, we work diligently alongside our customers to optimize experimental parameters that pinpoint the most influential results. Our staff has numerous years of combined experience in high-resolution accurate-mass global and targeted proteomic method development. The facility is maintained under a rigorous quality control and assurance process.

At the IMSU, we can help guide you from early, experimental design to the final stages of data processing and everything in between. For new projects, we schedule a complimentary in-person (or Zoom) consultation that ensures you begin the project with the appropriate controls and sample preparation methods already in place.


  • 1D Page

    Up to 10 samples per gel. Used when the experiment requires validation of the samples condition or standardization.

    • 1 unit = up to 10 samples
    • Unit Price - $80
  • 2D Gel electrophoresis

    One sample per gel. This includes sample preparation and gel electrophoresis. 

    • 1 unit = 1 sample
    • Unit Price - $200
  • Consultation Time

    Consultation with facility personnel prior to submitting a project request is highly recommended. Facility personnel will be available to discuss experimental design, sample preparation, data mining, and validation.

    • 1 unit = 1 hr
    • Unit Price - $50
  • Data Analysis

    Database analysis of raw MS spectra, deconvolution, preparation of reports and figures.

    • 1 unit = 1 sample  
    • Unit Price - $40
  • In-Gel Protein Digestion

    Sample submitted as gel slice. Digestion utilizes a combination of Trypsin and LysC unless otherwise requested.

    • 1 unit = 1 sample  
    • Unit Price - $30
  • Protein Digestion

    Includes sample preparation and protein digestion for tandem mass spectrometry. Digestion utilizes a combination of Trypsin and LysC unless otherwise requested. 

    • 1 unit = 1 sample 
    • Unit Price - $50
  • Quantitative Proteomics

    Instrument time is defined as 1 unit = 2 hr. Typically, Quantitative Proteomics experiments will take 6 hours of instrument time per sample (i.e. we recommend running all quantitative analyses in triplicate)  

    • Unit Price - $400
  • Sample Clean-Up

    Samples will be desalted or buffer exchanged as required or determined by facility personnel based on an assessment of the submitted sample.

    • 1 unit = 1 sample 
    • Unit Price - $70
  • Tandem Mass Spectrometry Analysis

    Instrument time is defined as 1 unit = 1 hr. Typically, reserved for qualitative analyses such as protein ID of a purified protein.  

    • Unit Price - $200
  • Training: Sample Preparation

    This is a six-hour hands-on training on protein sample preparation for tandem mass spectrometry analysis. Includes a theory section, in-gel and in-solution digestion experiments.

    • 1 unit = 1 person  
    • Unit Price - $350
  • Training: Tandem Mass Spectrometry

    This is a three-hour hands-on training on tandem mass spectrometry analysis. Includes a theory section, mass spectral analysis, and report preparation.

    • 1 unit = 1 person    
    • Unit Price - $200


Integrated Mass Spectrometry Unit
MSU Grand Rapids Research Center
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Irving Vega, | 616.234.2828

Jared Lamp, | 616-234-0967