Brianna Jackman

Brianna  Jackman
  • Lab Manager
  • Morgan Lab

Brianna Jackman began her career at Michigan State University in 2018 after spending some time in the pharmaceutical industry. Brianna has a B.S. in Chemistry, emphasizing in Biochemistry and Biotechnology, from Grand Valley State University and an M.S. in Chemistry and Biological Sciences from Wayne State University. Her areas of expertise include protein synthesis and purification, protein assays and enzyme kinetics, DNA manipulation, analytical biochemistry, and cell culture to name a few. Her skill set includes a wide array of molecular biology and biochemical techniques such as ELISA, western blot, chromatographic purification, and cell culture. Brianna manages and maintains laboratory equipment for labs of Dr. Dave Morgan and Dr. Marcia Gordon, including the Simoa HD-1, which runs single molecule ELISA analyses. When not in the lab, Brianna enjoys painting, cooking, and visiting family and friends.