February News

February 1, 2021

Papers and Awards

  • Purcell EK, Becker MF, Guo Y, Hara SA, Ludwig KA, McKinney CJ, Monroe EM, Rechenberg R, Rusinek CA, Saxena A, Siegenthaler JR, Sortwell CE, Thompson CH, Trevathan JK, Witt S, Li W (2021) "Next-Generation Diamond Electrodes for Neurochemical Sensing: Challenges and Opportunities” Micromachines (Basel) Jan 26;12(2):128. • PMID: 33530395 • DOI: 10.3390/mi12020128
  • Striatal afferent BDNF is disrupted by synucleinopathy and partially restored by STN DBS Kathryn M MillerJoseph R PattersonJoseph KochmanskiChristopher J KempAnna C Stoll, Christopher U Onyekpe, Allyson Cole-StraussKathy Steece-CollierJacob W Howe, Kelvin C Luk, Caryl E Sortwell J Neurosci 2021 Jan 15 PMID: 33472823  doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.1952-20.2020
  • Alison Bernstein received an award from NIH/National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in the amount of $592,340. “Dieldrin-induced differential gene methylation and parkinsonian toxicity”, 1/21/2021 – 10/31/2025.