Maggie Caulfield

Maggie  Caulfield
  • Research Associate
  • Steece-Collier Lab

Maggie Caulfield received her PhD in immunology from Northwestern University in 2013 and completed post-doctoral training in neurology at the Mayo Clinic in 2016. Dr. Caulfield then spent 3 years as an assistant professor of Biology at Calvin University teaching molecular biology and neuroscience as well as studying sex differences in immune cell responses in CNS autoimmune disease. Dr. Caulfield has been a senior post-doctoral scholar in the Steece-Collier lab since September 2021 where she focuses on the pre-clinical analysis of gene-therapy based interventions to reduce common therapeutic side effects in Parkinson’s disease. Her laboratory skill set includes cell, molecular, and histological techniques such as cell culture, flow cytometry, RNA in situ hybridization, qPCR, western blot, ELISA, immunohistochemistry, and confocal microscopy. Dr. Caulfield also spends significant time with their experimental animals performing stereotaxic surgeries, behavior ratings, and post-mortem processing. When she isn’t in the lab she enjoys hanging out with her crazy kids, cooking, and sailing on the many local lakes with her family.